Senior School

Year 10 

Our overall aim is to provide Year 10 students with a broad range of subjects so they can continue to explore their interests and educational pathways. Year 10 is an important transition year where students become accustomed to life as Senior School students. As Senior School students, Year 10s will:

  • Be part of a mature learning environment
  • Have an enthusiastic and responsible attitude towards learning
  • Be respectful of the whole school environment
  • Have access to the Study Centre and other Senior School facilities and programs
  • Wear the Senior School uniform with pride
  • Be a positive role model

For more information about Year 10, including structure and subject selection, please refer to the Senior School Handbook.

Year 11 & 12 

At this stage in your learning journey, you will know quite a lot about how you learn best and where your interest and personal strengths lie. Using this knowledge can be a great way of thinking about the type of course you should choose. Students at Roxburgh College usually complete their Senior School studies by completing one of the following certificates:

  • Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) where students obtain an ATAR score
  • Victorian Certificate of Education – Vocational Major (VCE-VM) where students do not obtain an ATAR score

If you enjoy the academic pursuits of reading and writing to learn and explore your knowledge and beliefs, the VCE may be the most successful pathway for your progress through until the end of year 12. If the traditional VCE pathway is the right one for you, perhaps you would like to include some of the extensive VET subjects that are offered, depending on the career you have in mind.

Alternatively, if you already know that you are more practical and a ‘hands-on’ learner or if you are seeking to go directly into a specific area of employment, then the pathway for you could be through the VCE Vocational Major option.

For more information on the various pathways for Year 11 and 12 students, including subject selection and requirements, please refer to the Senior School Handbook

The spreadsheet says to include a flow chart but couldn’t find anything like this in the Handbook

The spreadsheet says to include a flow chart but couldn’t find anything like this in the Handbook

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