Year 9 – Humanities

In 2016 students in Year 9 undertook an excursion to Hanging Rock, a State Park in the North West of Victoria. Students were there to examine the Geographical features of the area, such as the large Granite Outcrops and the native vegetation of the region. Students collected data and photographic evidence to support their Portfolio Task.

Year 7 Shanklands Gardens

Students in Year 7 undertake their first excursion to Shankland Gardens, which is within walking distance to our school. Students examine how people use the park, look at the features of the park and explore how the gardens play a critical part of the water management in the local area. Students examine how water flow from the street, into the storm pipes and ends up in Shankland Garden, and all the steps that it goes through before ending up in the ocean.

Quantum Excursions

Quantum Victoria is one of six Specialist Science and Mathematics Centres established by the Victorian Department of Education and Training and has positioned itself as a leader of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education both within Australia and internationally. Students throughout the school undertake excursions here, looking at 3D Printing, Engineering projects, Rapid Prototyping and solving maths problems. Year 10 undertake Print-A-Car - A state wide competition where students design and build a car to race. Year 9 Undertake a day-long program looking at CAD - Computer Aided Design and its applications in the real world.