Roxburgh College Key Programs

Roxburgh College offers lots of programs to all students across years 7-9, which all aim to support our students. Some of these programs include: - Instrumental Music - MIPS - Reading Room - Homeroom Program -

Positive Education

Positive education is an approach to education that draws on positive psychology's emphasis of individual strengths and personal motivation to promote learning.


Managing Individual Pathways This program aims to work with students to build their capacity and skills in the middle school, and then in the senior school this programs aims to provide students with pathways to future careers and opportunities to study after school.

Home Room Program

Students in Year 7,8 and 9 are in classes that undertake their core subjects as one group, which gives them a sense of community and belonging. Students still undertake electives with other students from other grades, but Maths, English and Humanities are all undertake in their Home Room Grades.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking at Roxburgh College is run at years 7, 8 and 9 every year. As part of their regular English classes all students create and present a speech on a given topic to their classmates. Currently, the year 7 topic is ‘Animal Rights’, the year 8 topic is ‘Human Rights’ and the year 9 topic is ‘What’s right with the world?’ The best speaker from each class is chosen by their English teacher to present to the whole year level at a special assembly. Students often find this as an opportunity to see the great work their peers are capable of, enjoy the opportunity to extend their speaking skills and get a chance to enhance their own work using various persuasive devices and strategies.

Instrumental Music

At Year 7 every student learns an instrument and has a one hour lesson per week in a small group, with a teacher. Learning instruments is a great way for students to experience music and learn the fundamentals behind music and its creation. Students choose from Wind, Brass, Guitars and Percussion.

SEAL Program

The SELECT ENTRY ACCELERATED LEARNING program is designed to cater for the special educational needs of gifted and highly able students.