Driver Education

Year 10 - Keys Please Keys Please offers information and practical ideas for Year 10 students on how to use the learning to drive period, get 120 hours of practice and become safe drivers. The session is run by a VicRoads presenter in schools and runs for a whole day. Year 11 - The Fit 2 Drive Year 11 Workshop is a half-day session conducted in Roxburgh College with all students in the year 11. The workshop experience supports them to make good decisions when faced with risky driving situations, both as passengers, and in terms of their future driving safety. F2D is about changing attitudes and behaviours - not their driving skills. The overall purpose of the F2D Year 11 Workshop is to reduce youth road trauma.

Big Day In

This is a day organised for our Year 11 students, with a focus on Health and Wellbeing, where they participate in a variety of activities around the school. Some of these activities include Guest Speakers and workshops where the focus is on issues that are currently relevant to our students. Each year the program aims to promote Health and Wellbeing within our student as we look to support the whole student, not just academically but also emotionally and socially.

Love Bites

Love Bites is a well established, respectful relations program that has been facilitated in schools across Austalia since 2003. Its aims to reach many young people in how to respond to issues around health, police, domestic violence and other community concerns. This is a program that runs over a number of days to engage and empower our students to take ownership of the issues that are facing our community.

Shape your Destiny

This program aims to provide students with inspiration to make good choices about their life after they finish school and further studies. Guest speakers are invited into the school to talk about their journey after school, their success and failures.

University Experience Day

Year 12 students spend the day at RMIT Univeristy and are given a taster of what university life is like by attending a series of workshops to prepare them for the up coming year. The aim of the program is to demystify University and to feel that they can "belong" at a University. Students spend the day with University Lecturers, Tutors and current students, undertake a tour around the campus and have time to ask questions about University Life.

High Achievers Club

A program for Year 12 students who would attend multiple sessions term, with a focus on Exam Practise, Revision Techniques, Stress Management, Health and Wellbeing and subject specific tutoring. This course is for any student who would like to join and is run after school by specialist throughout the school and has been running a numbers years and is greatly valued by students.