Underpinned by the following core values, validated through agreed behaviours.

Core Values Behaviours (We achieve the values by:)
1.  Learning is our first priority 1.     Ensuring our teaching inspires, challenges and progresses students

2.     Tailoring learning and support to meet individual student needs

3.     Constantly reflecting on the experience of the student in the classroom and striving to continually improve our effectiveness

4.     Using quality processes to focus on student learning and


5.     Engaging staff in providing a broad learning experience

6.     Ensuring all students are clear about their responsibilities, particularly for their learning and learning organisation

2. Determined and rigorous pursuit of excellence 1.     Maintaining high expectations of students and ourselves

2.     All teams routinely identifying best practice, adopting and developing it

3.     Taking action to achieve continuous improvement

4.     Actively accepting our individual accountability

5.     Treating average and poor performance as unacceptable

3.  Respect, diversity and inclusivity 1.     Celebrating the richness of the cultural mix of our student and staff community and valuing its diversity

2.     Actively preparing students for life in a diverse society

3.     Always adopting an inclusive approach

4.     Providing a strong (college) community experience

5.     Always challenging prejudice, stereotypes and unfair discrimination

4.  Collaborative, constructive teamwork and a sense of community 1.     Promoting effective teamwork within work teams and across the college

2.     Collaborating with partners and stakeholders to benefit students, staff and the wider community

3.     Learning from feedback and complaints

4.     All staff making a positive contribution to the college community

5.  Maintaining High Standards of Ethics and Behaviour 1.     Always acting with integrity

2.     Treating others with courtesy and respect, and behaving in ways which show consideration

3.     Listening to other’s views

4.     Challenging all inconsiderate or thoughtless behaviour

6.  Encouraging Innovation and Development 1.     Raising the aspirations of students and supporting them to achieve their potential

2.     Investing in the professional development of staff

3.     Welcoming and contributing to change

4.     Encouraging, supporting and celebrating innovation

5.     Celebrating achievement of students and staff