Transition from Year 6 to Year 7

Transition Dates – 2020

Information re: Year 6 to Year 7 Transition at Roxburgh College 2020-2021

Dear Parents and Carers of Year 6 students,

At Roxburgh College during Term 2, we usually offer parents and carers an Information Evening and scheduled School Tours.

Due to the current education circumstances, these events have not been scheduled as yet.

If you would like information about our learning programs and curriculum offered to Year 7 students at Roxburgh College or if you have any questions, you may contact me by phoning:

Ms Karen Ring

Transition Coordinator, Roxburgh College

9930 8136

It is important that you leave your name and contact phone number for me to call you back.

Thank you for your support of your child through their Transition to Secondary School.

Karen Ring.


At Roxburgh College, we aim to make your child’s transition from Primary School to Secondary School as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We understand that moving from Grade 6 into Year 7 can be an exciting and sometimes daunting time for students and parents. We are committed to ensuring that you are given all of the necessary information about the transition and that your children feel secure and comfortable as they embark on the next chapter of their learning journey. Becoming a student in our Middle School, your child will have the support of their Transition Coordinator, Homeroom teachers, student and teacher mentors and

Year Level Coordinators. If you require any assistance at all, please contact: Ms Karen Ring (Transition Coordinator) at Roxburgh College. Ph: 9930 8136